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City Nostalgia – Destination Karachi

This is how we sold Karachi to tourists in 50’s

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City Nostalgia – A bit of Karachi in Andhra Pardesh

Photo Credits: Unknown. Let me know. A trip to India was never going to be easy. To begin with the Indian Embassy found a student visa request a joke. They only took it seriously when our Vice Chancellor called them up. It was a bit late by then but we managed to reach by the […]

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The motorcade

City Nostalgia – Romanticizing Mrs. Kennedy in Karachi

This one hell of a lovely woman was in Karachi one day. The stunning non-imperial princess, a darling of American commoner, won as many hearts during her brief visit to Karachi as she did elsewhere in the world. Omar Kureishi introduced her perfectly to Karachites in his write-up for DAWN, “Jacqueline Kennedy was America’s sweetheart, not in […]

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City Nostalgia – Work Party

City Nostalgia - Work Party

Fatimah Jinnah at “work party” which stitched clothes for refugees.
Photo Credits: Margaret Bourke-White for Life Magazine

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City Nostalgia – Guide to Karachi

Credits: Guide to Karachi Below is the Guide to Karachi published for U.S. Soldiers who were stationed in Karachi during World War two. Karachi Goan Association Hall was turned into temporary barracks for these soldiers. Also attached is the menu for the soldiers.

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